Offered: A golden extra income, well-paid job
Description "We are looking for people who can look after our mailings (sending, answering, processing, solid ... our mail file)
The crisis and like everyone wants to have that little extra income, without all those useless investments or purchases that you must sell.
You have no capital needed to start earning
But it is high time to address issues gold and portefuile to enrich your own.

job description:
few hours per week (eg 4 hours you can muster to 1200 euro)
your own boss and not dependent on others
payment by 30th day every month
own a PC and internet connection
* an access key 


we ask is a deposit of 30 euros, 15 at baseline, 15 at first salary;

(deposit is refundable at end of employment)

work requests to send to 


Adverteren bij Daisycon
Adverteren bij Daisycon
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